In it’s own language, Kirrivath means Five Lands, or Sacred Vessel. Each syllable means something and each word built from syllables adds to the meaning. When I first “arrived” there I called it Heartland, not knowing the language.

The first person I met called me by another name, one which meant Daughter of the Earth. She brought me to a farmhouse where I met some more people. Then from there we went to a town, then to the great capital city: Haverel. Oh, and most of them had butterfly wings! Not all though, it was very diverse. There were Draegani shapeshifters, Sylfaeri, Aelvani, Sylvari, Rinnir, Charni, and Faeir. There were not very many pure Humans. I was one of the few left. Later I found out that there were also Dryads, Werewolves, Wereboars, and many other magical beings.

Note: Many decades later I found out that the city name means "friend of God" in Hebrew. The language I "invented in my world seems to be a combination of many different languages but mostly a mixture of Spanish, Esperanto, and Hebrew. At that point I had only studied French and English, but knew a few Yiddish words because my mother dated a Jewish man briefly.

At the city I met the Faerie Queen and was told that I was to be Ruler of this magical, wondrous place. I didn’t even know the language so I refused to be crowned as Princess right away, and was Princess in Training for a year. In the first summer I scrambled to learn as much as possible about my new country and the skills and knowledge needed to be a good Ruler for my people.

Note: Eventually I learned that my name there meant Daughter of the Earth, Way of the Sunsoul, Great Friend of God. This name was given to me at a young age and I didn't understand it at first.

The country was in dire need. It had been exploited by a group of Nine Merchants, who had faked that they were incarnations of the Holy Nine – the Gods and Goddesses who had been given the task of creating and looking after the planet. They had gained people’s trust and power, and abused it, making themselves rich as others died. Fortunately there arrived a delegation from the Aelvani lands, our neighbours to the West, who brought five years of back pay from a business our countries shared, with a promise of a further five years of extra pay from the debt of ten years.

Even then, it was a struggle. My people were poor and had closed off all trade routes due to the False Nine.

The first Winter was a blur of lessons and small galas to introduce me to everyone in the capital city and to our cultural achievements. In the Spring at the council meeting, I forced through a small trade agreement with the lands of Se’et across the sea. Then in the Summer I travelled on a tour of all my lands.

There were five countries that had gathered together to become Kirrivath, and each had it’s own King, who answered only to me. The council also had representatives from the Guilds and from each race.

Each country had it’s own microclimate and had innovative solutions for living in harmony with the natural world.